Mechanical Security

  • Locksmithing

    Lock and Key Service

    We repair and cut keys for most types of locks.  Our highly-trained staff can change combination on most locks and cylinders.

    Automotive Key and Lock Service

    We cut all types of vehicle keys, to help get you back on the road as quickly as possible.  Worn out keys can be restored to its original cuts by providing the key code.  We also rekey locks and ignition of recovered stolen vehicles.

  • Masterkeying

    Standard Key System

    Most locks and cylinders are keyed with standard (C4) broach cylinder which can be either keyed alike or masterkeyed depending on customer’s requirement.  This will enable users to eliminate any unwanted keys and will help them identify the access of each particular key in the system.

    Restricted Key System

    Restricted key systems are often used for commercial institution which requires higher security and key control.   We use security key blanks which are specifically designed keys which can only be obtained / copied with authorisation from the building’s owner or nominee.  Locks are more secured as the restricted key-way reduces the chance of accidental opening with the wring key.  Restricted security key blanks are patent protected (design register) therefore key manufacturer are not allowed to produce copies of that design.

    Accurate records (both standard and restricted systems)of keys and who has them can be easily be kept and maintained, eliminating the possibility of duplicate keys being made without authorisation.

  • Mobile Locksmith Service

    RUSWIN offer full service for residential, commercial and automotive lock requirements.

    This service includes:

    • Emergency lockout /opening
    • Installation / repair / change / upgrade any type of lock
    • Key duplication
    • Installation / repair / change security system
  • Hotel Locking System

    Traditional metal key lock systems are vulnerable in a variety of ways when installed on hotels  and service apartments.  A guest may simply keep a key or have a copy made so that he can return to the room at a later time.  When keys are missing,  locks are often not re-keyed due the cost and time requirements.    RUSWIN offers Onity Electronic Locking System.  Onity locks do not require re-keying if a guest keeps a card.  Each new guest card issued automatically re-keys the lock to prevent access by previous guest, so your guest is secure.  Additionally, guest cards will expire at the date and time designated during check-in.   The lock is only unlocked through an encrypted code.  Onity locks also store the most recent openings in a non-volatile memory, allowing the hotelier to know exactly who has been in the room and when.   Onity locks can retrofit most type of locks.

  • Safe Sales, Services and opening

    We offer a variety of effective protection for your home or business valuables against theft and damage. Our main priority is integrity and customer satisfaction. We are dedicated on offering accurate and effective  sales, which are resisting,fire resisting and environmentally resistant from water or dust.

    Our experience and dedicated staff are ready to supply your home or business with the experienced workmanship based on your requirements.

  • Perimeter Security

    Electric Fence

    Ruswin offers Gallagher Power Fence which provide all the products you need to build a safe, cost effective electric fence system.  Electric fences are also very economical costing as much as 50% less than traditional non-electrified fences. An electric fence is also easier and takes less time to build, saving you time and money.

    Compared to a conventional non-electrified fence an electric fence system offers many advantages. It acts as a psychological barrier and is therefore safer than a traditional fence.  Basically designed to contain all types of animals, electric fence can also be used on residential and commercial application for added security.

    Electric Gates / Boom  Gates

    A facility is only as good as its barrier. However, modern solutions demand not only innovative and future-oriented engineering but also environmentally compatible and energy saving technology. RUSWIN is working closely with various suppliers such Magnetic.Access   and Gate Drive Systems which meet these demands completely allowing smooth integration with existing Access Control System.

  • Key Control

    Key Safes & Cabinets

    If you need to keep your keys safe, we have a range of key cabinets to suit your needs. Our selection covers all types of key cabinets, from combination & digital, through to key locked safes.

    Key Manager

    An efficient long –term management of a large number of keys is impossible when you use index cards, key books or Excel spreadsheets, because this often requires time consuming and complex searches, even if you want an answer to simple questions.

    Who have access to this room?

    Who must return a key?

    Which doors can be opened by a certain key?

    For any organization where key tracking and restricted access security are requirements, we offer ProMaster Key Manager as the solution.  ProMaster Key Manager is designed  to track who has your keys and where the key holder can access, providing the ultimate in effective security.